OLD Video gallery

U3A Perth – Past Events

2023 Perth Seminar: Arts Perspective in WA YouTube playlist.

“Conservation of Historic Shipwrecks” – a presentation by Dr Ian MacLeod at the U3A Perth 2023 AGM.

U3A Perth Lecture with Dr Anne Aly MP

U3A Perth annual picnic 2022 featuring ukelele group

“Sticky Fingers – The Science of Forensic Latent Fingermark Detection” – a presentation by Dr Simon Lewis at the U3A Perth 2022 AGM

Have a Go Day 2021

U3A Choir at the Darlington Arts Festival

Walking Through History – The Orkney Islands presented by Dr Pam Lynch

Better Hearing Australia

The Film Crew interviews Dr. Barnard Clarkson at the launch of Better Hearing WA’s “QSign” project.

2021 Seminar – Opening Address

Introduction by Judith Amey and opening Address by Emeritus Professor Alan Robson to the 2021 Perth U3A Seminar entitled: The Universe- Local Knowledge

2021 Seminar – Professor David Blair – “Einstein First”

2021 Seminar – Distinguished Professor Kliti Grice

Microbial Mayhem during Mass Extinction events by Distinguished Professor Kliti Griceuter space at the U3A Perth Seminar in July 2021.

2021 Seminar – Associate Professor Katarina Miljkovic

Associate professor Katarina Miljkovic’s address at Perth U3A Seminar 2021: Mars Exploration- Most recent discoveries from NASA Insight Mission

2021 Seminar – Arthur Harvey

Arthur Harvey from the Perth Observatory takes us on a journey to Outer space at the U3A Perth Seminar in July 2021.

2021 Seminar – Professor Andreas Wicenic

Jennie Cox

Interview with Jennie Cox as part of the U3A Portrait series.

“Cultural Heritage in Western Australia” – presented by Peter Veth – Professor of Archaeology at UWA on the 15th of May 2021.

Judith Amey – the U3A Perth President in 2021

“A life not so Diplomatic” – Sue Boyd gave an entertaining address at the U3A Perth AGM on April 11th, 2021

U3A Perth Video

The Film Crew and the U3A Publicity Working Group have produced a video to promote U3A Perth.

Interview with Peter Flanigan

Peter Alcock chats to long time U3A member, Peter Flanigan as part of the “Portraits of U3A” series.
Peter speaks of his early life on a farm, his teaching, gardening, and involvement with U3A.

The Film Crew Invades Have-a-Go Day

Tom Picton-Warlow – “Duchamp, Computing, Collaboration, and Friendship”

Video Portrait of Norman Harrison

Norman Harrison is founding member and chair of the Joondalup region. A Liverpudlian with a story to tell.

Interview with Valerie Buckley

Jan Bowra from the U3A Film Crew speaks with Valerie Buckley about her career, her life, and her time as President of U3A in Perth. (10 minutes)

2018 Seminar – “Where do we fit?”

A tribute in memory of Lavinia Sinclair

A tireless, passionate and inspiring humanitarian and lover-of-Nature; dearly remembered and missed by the many she loved.

Interview with Peter Alcock

Peter Alcock, retiring president of U3A Perth (2017), talks about his earlier life, his travels and his time as president of U3A. Speaking here with Steve Thompson.

Brian Dawson Showcase

A collection of song and verse featuring Brian Dawson and the Close Harmony Choir, performed at Creatures Next Door Fremantle. This was a fundraiser for Parkinson’s WA, filmed and edited by the U3A Film Crew.

30th anniversary interview with Dr Maureen Smith

Dr Maureen Smith talking about the beginnings of U3A in Western Australia.

30th Anniversary Celebration

Video of 30th Anniversary Celebration Garden Party 13th March 2016.

Ann and Ashley Foster

Video profile of Ann and Ashley Foster.

Alan Mortimer

Video profile of Alan Mortimer

AGM 2015

Video taken at AGM 2015.

U3A Variety Concert

Some highlights from U3A Variety Concert held at Citiplace, Perth, Western Australia in October 2014 and featuring U3A Choir, Silver taps and Don McGrath.

Lip Reading Challenge

This DVD was distributed Australia wide to groups of Better Hearing Australia for their annual Lip Reading Competition. You can try it to test your own lip reading skills.