Lesmurdie Hills

Lesmurdie Hills branch meets from 10 am to 12 noon on the first and third Tuesday of the month.   On the fourth Tuesday members meet for a Coffee Club. In the months that have 5 Tuesdays, we organise an outing for the members.   Visitors are always welcome!

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Jul, Tue 2
10:00 AM
Lord Alister MCAlpine – Broome and Beyond
Catherine Baxter
Jul, Tue 16
10:00 AM
The History of “Silver Chain
Jean Butler
Aug, Tue 6
10:00 AM
Do We Really Need To Be Taking Vitamin Supplements?
Dr David Thorne
Aug, Tue 20
10:00 AM
Africa in the Wild
Denise Beer
Sep, Tue 3
10:00 AM
Heroes, Villains and Vagabonds in Perth
Richard Offen
Sep, Tue 17
10:00 AM
Explaining FOGO in Kalamunda
Michelle Taylor
Oct, Tue 1
10:00 AM
Qantas Catalinas on the Swan
Kevin Smythe
Oct, Tue 15
10:00 AM
Cricket and the Formation of the WACA
Bill Reynolds
Oct, Tue 29
9:00 AM
Outing to the No 1 Mundaring Pumping Station
By bus from Falls Farm
Coffee Club
4th Tuesday
10:00 AM
0437 441 024
5th Tuesday
0437 441 024

21st of May – Bevan Sharp

On Tuesday the 21st of May 2024, Bevan Sharp gave us an interesting account of his life in PNG, Papua New Guinea. His stories of tribal fighting were quite scary and surprising. He was thanked by our member Tim O’Brien with a basket of fruit. 

7th of May – Biggest Morning Tea

On the 7th of May 2024,  Bev Love organised her 19th fundraiser for “The Biggest Morning Tea ” at our U3A meeting. We all brought something nice to eat for the morning tea and enjoyed a few quizzes and then the important raffle of the lovely quilts that Kay Fleming makes every year!  Our little group raised $411 ! We’ll done everyone! 

30th of April

30th of April we cruised from Barrack st jetty to Fremantle! It rained but we still enjoyed our day out. Clive, Bob , Brenda and Fran just as we left the quay

16th of April 

16th of April Bill Cutler gave us a lot of new information about CY O’Connor and the Kalgoorlie pipeline . He was thanked by Neil Gigin.

11th of April

11th of April  Kay and Heidi represented our U3A club at the “Connecting Communities” in Hartfield park recreation centre.  Organised by the City of Kalamunda It was a busy morning.  Great for Networking

2nd of April 2024

2nd of April 2024 Carmel Ballinger gave us a very interesting account of the story of the Upper Lesmurdie Falls. She was thanked by our member Clive 

26th of March 2024

26th of March 2024 we visited the Perth Zoo. We all had a great time.  Colin and Heidi by the front entrance

Tuesday the 19th of March 2024

On Tuesday the 19th of March 2024 Elton Brown give us a very entertaining and informative presentation about ” The Dark Side of Gin” . He was thanked by our member Bev Love 

Tues the 5th of  March

Peter Falconer thanks Peter Alcock

On Tues the 5th of  March, U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch had a very interesting presentation by Peter Alcock about ” Oxygen, the Air we breathe”. It is fascinating to learn how we can trace the production of oxygen in the Earth’s rocks! Peter was thanked by Peter Falconer.

26th of November 2023

Big Silver Bird Elizabeth Quay

On the 26th of November 2023 our community bus took us to the South Perth ferry, across to the Elizabeth Quay where we visited the Big Silver Bird and on to the Bell Tower where we listened to the Big ANZAC bell being rung! 

21st of November 2023

Bev Love thanks Tiffany Alling and Michelle Guice

On the 21st of November 2023, Tiffany Alling and Michelle Guice gave us some good contacts for the people who care for a family member, which can become a very stressful situation, so that they can  take better care of themselves . Bev Love presented them with a basket of fruit. 

18th of October 2023

Clive thanks Glenn Swift

On the 18th of October 2023, Glen Swift told us 2 entertaining Ghost stories about boat wrecks in the Swan  River. Clive Stubbington thanked him with a bottle of wine.   

17th of October 2023

Lunch at Ravenswood Tavern

On Sunday the 17th of October 2023 our community bus took us on an outing to Pinjarra. In spite of the drizzly rain we enjoyed the visit to the Heritage Precinct , followed by a lunch at the Ravenswood Tavern  

5th September – Our Crowded Planet – David Urquart

On Tues the 5th of Sep 2023, U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch had a very detailed and informed  presentation by David Urquart about “The Crowded Planet”. He told us about the most populous countries and the reproduction trends in the world. Yes, the numbers will stabilise eventually, there is a positive outlook! David was thanked by our member Tim O’Brien

29 August – Visit to Parliament House

On Tuesday the 29th of August 2023, 15 of our U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch started the day with Morning Tea at the Riverside Cafe’ on Barrack str.  Then up the hill to visit the Parliament House in Perth! Our guides Jacinta and Janet showed us the Chambers of the Legislative Assembly of the Lower House, with its green upholstery and the Legislative Council Chamber of the Upper House with its red upholstery.  They told us about the History of the buildings and the beautiful art works! We enjoyed it greatly.  

Our lunch was at the Zamia cafe’ again , where we always get great service. A most enjoyable day for everyone. 

How to grow Australian Plants

On the 15th of August Jackie Hooper brought a lot of native plants with her from the Zanthorrea Nursery, to show us how ” To grow Australian Plants”. Very much enjoyed by all of us. She was thanked by Elaine Giggins 

The History of Guide dogs in WA

On the 1st of August we had a most enjoyable visit from Kay McIntyre, her  offsider John and “Eva” the Labrador dog! They told us about “The History of Guiddogs in WA” . Bev Love thanked them for their presentation

Indigenous art – David Hounsome

On the 18th of July David Hounsome showed us pictures of indigenous art. How it evolved from cave paintings and rock engravings to modern paintings on canvases. Very interesting! He was thanked by Kay Fleming

Rocking around Australia

On July the 4th Peter Alcock gave us an entertaining account of “Rocking around Australia” , the creation of Australia , with catchy “Rock music”! Great fun! 

He was thanked by Clive Stubbington 

Lesmurdie Visit Yanchep

On Sunday the 9th of July 13 of our Group had a pleasant Morning Tea at the Lavender Bistro in West Swan on our way to the Yanchep National Park to see the Koalas. There is so much road work happening and work on the railway to the Northern suburbs! On arriving at the National Park we had a challenge to find 2 out of the 3 resident koalas in the enclosures.  A bit disappointing. We remember seeing over 10 koalas some years ago! We admired some beautiful banksia flowers on our way to the Yanchep Inn, where we enjoyed a hearty meal. 

Kim was our driver on this trip. He took us home along a different route, which showed us other interesting scenery .

A very enjoyable outing !

Charles I and his Parliament

On the 20th of June, Don Manning’s talk was on ” Charles I and his Parliament “. He gave us a detailed account of the early line of English Kings, up to King Charles I. The power struggle between Charles and his Parliament and how the King lost his head! This resulted in our present Constitutional Monarchy! Fascinating! Julie Holland thanked Don for his presentation!

The early formation of Australia

On the 4th of July, Peter Alcock had us all rocking around Australia with his talk about the early formation of the continent of Australia . The accompanying music was entertaining! As always a well researched presentation! Peter was thanked by our member Clive Stubbington

Power of Attorney

On the 16th of May 2023 Arvind Pillay gave us a reminder of the importance of allocating the Power of Attorney and to make a Will ! He was thanked by Tim O’Brien
On the 30th of May 2023 , 15 of us enjoyed a coffee and a great view of the river at Dome, at Deepwater Point, followed by a very interesting visit to the RAAF Aviation Museum in Bull Creek. They have over 20 aircraft on display, from a Catalina to a Lancaster to a Spitfire. Well worth visiting! We finished our day with lunch at the Bull Creek Tavern. A great day enjoyed by us all!

Clive Walks the Bibilum Track

At the same meeting Colin Pember thanked Clive Stubbington for telling us about his final walk along the Bibilum Track to Albany.

Citizen Science

On the 6th of June 2023 Dr Tegan Dougal told us the interesting story of “Citizen Sciense” and how we can become involved! She was thanked by Julie Holland.

Biggest Morning Tea

Our latest venture was on the 2nd of May “Biggest Morning Tea ” at our clubhouse . It was again organised by Bev Love , as she has done for 17 years! Kay Fleming made the lovely quilts for the raffle

The Perth Mint

On the 26th of March 15 of our U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch had a very interesting visit to the Perth Mint . We started the day with a coffee at the Coffee Club on Hill str and made our way to the Mint. The highlight was seeing the 1 tonne gold coin, followed by watching pouring of a gold bullion! We had lunch at the Riverside cafe at the Barrack st jetty. A great outing.

The Tivoli Theatre

On the 23rd of April we had an enjoyable visit to the Tivoli Theatre in the old Applecrosse Hall. The  theme was “Las Vegas”. Sing along light entertainment! 

History of Tea

On Tues the 7th of March Terry Harvey told U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch the story of the accidental discovery of tea by the emperor Shen Nung to our present time of us enjoying a “cuppa”. Very enjoyable presentation. Terry was thanked by our Club member Tim O’Brien.

Whiteman Park

Reg Woods visited our U3ALesmurdie Hills Branch on the 7th of February 2023. He talked full of enthusiasm and knowledge about “Whiteman Park”. How it all started, Lew Whiteman’s and the WA State Government’s involvement with it and how future development will impact on it! Quite an eye opener. Reg was thanked by our member Peter Falconer.

Israeli the Nation, from the Past to the Present

Bob Kucera AMP JP visited us on the 21st of February 2023. His topic was ” Israeli the Nation, from the Past to the Present “. He fascinated us with his insight into the problem over there. He also highlighted the numerous inventions that have come from Israel! Bob was thanked by our Club member Mike Salapak

Why West Australians don’t speak French

On Tuesday the 15th of November , Elton Brown made a very interesting presentation to the U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch.  He gave us the explanation “Why West Australians don’t speak French”. Some enlightening reasons! He was thanked by Colin Pember.

Catching a Cold Case Killer

On Tuesday the 15th of November , Elton Brown made a very interesting presentation to the U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch. He gave us the explanation “Why West Australians don’t speak French”. Some enlightening reasons! He was thanked by Colin Pember.

Climate Change

John Happs visited U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch on Tuesday the 4th of Oct 2022. John has qualifications in hydrology, climate and paleoclimate . He gave us a very enlightening presentation about an alternative view on “Climate Change”.  The data he showed us made us question the news presented in the general Media regarding “Climate Change”. Very thought provoking.

He was thanked by our club member Colin Pember.


On Tues the 20th of September Niels Dahl gave U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch a very well researched presentation about the story of the Vikings! How they left their mark between 750AD and 1060AD on many parts of Europe. They even had a large settlement in the South of Greenland when it was warmer and green! Mike Salapak thanked Niels with a bottle of wine.

Two Years in the Antarctic

On Tues the 6th of September 2022 Morris Pavlinovich visited Lesmurdie Hills Branch and gave a very informative and entertaining presentation of his 2 years in the Antarctic.

He was Officer in Charge of Meteorology in 1995 and 2000. He showed us beautiful photos and amused and amazed us with his stories!

Morris was thanked by Peter Falconer .

Wireless Hill

On Tues the 30th of August 2022 , U3A Lesmurdie Hills Branch was on the road again! 15 of us were treated to tour the Wireless Hill complex in Ardross by John Paskulich! John has extensive knowledge of the old wireless station. He showed us the award-winning display of communication devices from Mores Code to modern mobile phones and Modem into our homes! Our next stop was The Round House in Fremantle. The oldest surviving building in Fremantle. Another old history worthwhile looking into! The exciting highlight was the firing of the Time Gun at exactly 1pm. Our members Bev and Elaine pushed the button followed by a big bang and puff of smoke out of the canon and the black ball dropped down from the Mast at the same time! Good fun! Again we had lunch at Kailis’s!